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The Office of Energy Policy was created through an Energy and Environment Cabinet Reorganization during the 2018 Kentucky General Assembly. The OEP retains many functions of the former Department for Energy Development and Independence, but has a more streamlined organizational structure to help us approach energy policy issues and energy programs in a manner that reflects current challenges and opportunities. We will be making additional changes to our Web pages during the next few weeks and months, so please check frequently. 

As the newly created Office of Energy Policy, we hope to address energy policy with a common sense approach that ensures the Commonwealth thrives amid rapid changes occurring in the production, delivery, and use of energy.  For example, affordable electricity is a primary driver of our economy, but the pathways necessary to ensure continuing affordability and reliability of Kentucky’s energy sectors are becoming more complex. 

We believe in our mission to utilize Kentucky’s energy resources for the betterment of the Commonwealth while protecting and improving our environment. We hope to achieve a better understanding and communicating about how rapid changes occurring in the energy sector (such as advancements and cost reductions in certain technologies; federal and other states’ policies; and market forces) that are placing pressure on existing energy systems, but that also present opportunities for energy users and producers.