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Stimulating Energy Efficiency in Kentucky

Energy efficiency is simply using less energy to do the same or better job with conventional products or systems.  Stimulating Energy Efficiency in Kentucky (SEE KY) combines rigorous data analysis and an inclusive stakeholder process focused on discussing what is and is not working in Kentucky to deliver the benefits of energy efficiency to Kentuckians. Stakeholder input allowed Kentucky's energy experts to share ideas about how the benefits of energy efficiency can be realized by Kentuckians and to develop an actionable strategy for making energy efficiency work for the Commonwealth.   

Summary Flyer for Stimulating Energy Efficiency in Kentucky Initiative

SEE KY Action Plan (May 15, 2013 version) 

SEE KY Implementation Model and Status

Energy Efficiency Resources

As a part of an ongoing stakeholder process to stimulate energy efficiency in Kentucky, a series of meetings has been held. 

Interim Work Group Documents

Stakeholder Meeting No. 1 - Dec. 2, 2011 - Kentucky Chamber of Commerce

Stakeholder Meetings 2 and 3