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Data Analysis and Modeling

The Division of Carbon Management and Data Analysis is responsible for maintaining databases that quantify energy and its interaction with the environment and economy in the Commonwealth. These databases exists for the following three purposes: 
  1. To provide the historical time series data necessary to construct and calibrate predictive energy models customized for Kentucky, including the Kentucky Electricity Portfolio Model​.
  2. To produce the Kentucky Energy Profile ​and Kentucky Coal Facts and to serve as an impartial point of reference for the general public, researchers and policy makers.
  3. To support the Commonwealth Energy Assurance Plan that identifies potential threats to the energy security of the Commonwealth and facilitates the restoration of energy supplies in the event of an emergency.

Please feel free to contact us if you have a specific energy and environmental data question, questions about one of our white papers, data publications or if you need help using our databases or models.  We can be reached at (502) 564-7192. We are here to help you!

Data & Modeling Whitepapers:

Kentucky Coal Mining-Annual 2015 Economic Impact Estimate (KY CED)

The Vulnerability of the United States Economy to Electricity Price Increases

Economic Challenges Facing Kentucky’s Electricity Generation Under Greenhouse Gas Constraints

The Vulnerability of Kentucky's Manufacturing Economy to Increasing Electricity Prices

The Relationship between Electricity Prices and Demand, Employment, and GDP

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) Forecast Paper

DEDI Interactive Models:

Interactive Model of Employment and Value Added​

Interactive Electricity Demand Model

DEDI Statistical Databases:

Kentucky Energy Database Codebook

Kentucky Energy Database

Kentucky County Database Codebook

Kentucky County Database

Data & Modeling Staff Presentations:

Presentation to the Kentucky Association of Manufacturers, May, 2016​

Presentation to Kentucky Emergency Management Resource Board, January, 2016​

Presentation to the ​Kentucky Economic Association, October, 2015

Presentation to the ​Kentucky Petroleum Marketers Association, September, 2015

Modeling Economic Growth, Council on Post-Secondary Education, June, 2015

Energy Data and Modeling, UK Patterson School, February, 2015

Household Electricity Expenditures as a Percent of Income, September 2014​

Household Electricity Expenditures as a Percent of Income, September 2014 (Video)

Kentucky Coal - Past, Present, and Future, NKU, March, 2014

Kentucky Coal - Past, Present, and Future, NKU, March, 2014 (Video)

Energy Data and Modeling, UK Law School, March, 2014

Modeling an Energy Intensive Economy, Duke University, April, 2013​

Kentucky Coal Production Outlook, Kentucky Legislature, August, 2012

Kentucky's Energy Landscape, Kentucky Legislature, June, 2012​

Graduate Student Intern Research Projects:

Modeling United States Energy Consumption, August, 2015

Model of Electricity Prices and Economic Growth​​, EEC, August 2013

Electricity Demand Model​, EEC, June, 2012​

Electricity Price Model, EEC, July 2011

Electricity Price Elasticity of Demand Model, EEC, July 2011

External Resources:

Kentucky Electric Service Territories from the Public Service Commission (PSC)​

Kentucky Infrastructure Map from the Kentucky Geologic Survey (KGS)

Kentucky Energy Profile from the Energy Information Administration (EIA)​