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FCCTC students conduct tests while producing biodiesel.  Photo by Mary Jo Harrod


25x’25 is a rallying cry for Kentucky to use renewable energy and energy efficiency as a means to get at least 25 percent of our energy from improved technology and renewable resources, such as solar, biomass and biofuels, by the year 2025.

The national 25x’25 Action Plan is a renewable energy initiative backed by businesses, organizations and individuals united by a common interest in making America’s energy future more secure, affordable and environmentally sustainable.

The Kentucky Rural Energy Consortium (KREC)  has taken the lead in coordinating statewide efforts to develop the Kentucky 25x'25 roadmap - a pathway toward achieving the 25x'25 vision for Kentucky.

Rural Issues 

2008 Farm Bill - a summary of the key provisions in the Energy Title and how they compare to previous versions of the Farm Bill.


Kentucky resources to meet the energy needs of the 25 x '25 initiative -- This paper presents the results of an analysis of the current energy usage in Kentucky, projected energy usage in 2025, and the potential for options for energy savings and renewable energy production.