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Division of Biofuels
Kentucky Statewide Wood Energy Team

Through funding from the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service the Kentucky Statewide Wood Energy Team is coordinating the efforts of a number of existing agency personnel, rural development leaders, agricultural organizations, forestry expertise, and other stakeholders for the purpose of improving the utilization of woody biomass resources for energy uses. In order to enhance the stewardship of our natural resources, strengthen existing forest industry sectors, identify efficiencies, and stimulate new demand for undervalued woody materials, the emphasis is on LOGS:

  • All segments of the industry can benefit from improved Logistics in woodland management, during timber harvest, throughout resource transportation, and at each market channel.
  • Efforts will be made to evaluate existing biomass energy Opportunities and develop strategies to increase awareness, improve financial returns, and expand the feedstocks available for these legacy customers.
  • Through Growth in expanded bioenergy markets for diseased, insect infected, and storm damaged trees, we can reduce the hazardous fuels in our public and private woodlands while creating economic opportunities for our rural communities.
  • Finally, all of these initiatives will be predicated by a strong emphasis on Sustainability that considers energy resource, economic, and environmental criteria.

While the team consists of a core group of committed partners with extensive industry experience, our intent is to engage additional supporters who can help address the above topics across numerous sectors and throughout the state. For more information or to become involved with the KY SWET, please contact us at​​​​​​​​​​