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Division of Biofuels
Poultry Heating Initiative

The poultry industry was targeted as a priority for wood heat consideration due to the extreme shortage of propane gas during the 2013-14 winter heating season. Concerns over future propane shortages are acerbated with reversal of the Cochin Pipeline in March 2014. This one pipeline delivered more than 323 million gallons of propane to the Midwest in 2013 and it will no longer be available as a supply and storage option.  The propane industry and its customers are desperately investigating all alternatives.   One poultry representative estimated that only about five percent of their farms had access to a heating fuel other than propane. We already have a couple of farms that have switched to wood pellets for fuel and we believe there are a number of other growers interested in evaluating options. The University of Kentucky, Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Department, is studying the operational costs and system performance at one of these farms.