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FCCTC students conduct tests while producing biodiesel.  Photo by Mary Jo Harrod

Division of Biofuels
Bioenergy Media Resources

Energy discussions are very dynamic and are influenced by diverse political, financial, environmental and geographic factors. Conversations related to biofuels and bioenergy are also swayed by these issues and other catalysts. There are a number of publications that focus on specific market segments while others cover a varied portfolio of energy topics. Though the list below is not exhaustive and does not imply endorsement of their editorial commentary, they represent a good landscape of the activities in this arena. The list ranges from daily online-only formats to monthly printed periodicals. Several of the publishers also coordinate regional, national and international conferences related to their subject matter. Visiting these sites will provide a glimpse of the current issues, grant opportunities, technological advancements, operational challenges and policy debates impacting the bioenergy sector locally and around the world.

Bioenergy Media Resources