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FCCTC students conduct tests while producing biodiesel. Photo by Mary Jo Harrod

Division of Biofuels

The Division of Biofuels’ mission is to provide leadership to encourage the growth of Kentucky’s biofuels and biomass industries through research, development and commercialization while continuing to produce safe, abundant and affordable food, feed and fiber. 

Biomass (organic matter) can be used to provide heat, make fuels, chemicals and other products, and generate electricity. If you have a question regarding industry terminology, see the glossary adapted from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Glossary of Biomass Terms.

The division has oversight in implementing biofuels strategies.  

The Commonwealth of Kentucky is fortunate to have exceptional university research assets and personnel located throughout the state. Information and other resources accessible at each institution may be instrumental in helping attract commercial investment, leverage other grant opportunities, provide technical expertise, tackle specific production issues, and streamline the deployment of innovative solutions. The U.S. Department of Energy administers the Alternative Fuels Data Center, and their site is a good resource for various state and federal financial incentives.

The Division of Biofuels helped facilitate a successful application in 2014 on behalf of various stakeholders within the U.S. Forest Service’s Statewide Wood Energy Team (SWET) Cooperative Agreement solicitation. In order to enhance the stewardship of our natural resources, strengthen existing forest industry sectors, identify efficiencies, and stimulate new demand for undervalued woody materials, the emphasis will be on LOGS -- Logistics, current Opportunities, Growth potential and Sustainability.