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Energy and Environment Cabinet

Coal outcrop in Jackson, Ky. Photo by Brandon Nuttall

Division of Carbon Management and Data Analysis

The Division of Carbon Management’s goal is to investigate, develop and promote technical solutions for carbon capture, sequestration and reuse and to engage with state, regional and federal agencies in the development of a state policy designed to manage greenhouse gas emissions, especially carbon dioxide, in a carbon-constrained environment. The division has oversight in implementing Strategy 6 (carbon management) of the governor's 7-point energy plan.

As directed by House Bill 1, the Department for Energy Development and Independence was asked to produce a report regarding carbon management research and technologies in coal-fired power plants. View the Carbon Management Report.

The Kentucky Climate Action Plan process was convened in January 2010. The council overseeing the process consisted of a broad coalition of 27 members, including stakeholders from the business, academic, government, nonprofit, and environmental sectors, as well as individual citizens. The council was charged with producing a greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventory and forecast (I&F), compiling a comprehensive Climate Action Plan with recommended GHG reduction goals and potential actions to mitigate climate change and improve energy efficiency in various sectors of the economy, and advising state and local governments on measures to address climate change.

Letter from the Secretary
Kentucky Climate Action Plan