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Turkey Foot Elementary in Kenton County

Division of Efficiency & Conservation

The Division of Efficiency and Conservation provides leadership to maximize the benefits of energy efficiency and conservation through awareness, technology development and partnerships. 

The division has a wealth of information and strategies to help make residential buildings, commercial buildings, schools, industry and transportation more energy efficient as well as an abundance of energy saving tips for your home or workplace.

Energy efficiency has the potential to save Kentuckians and Kentucky businesses millions of dollars each year as well as prevent pollution and cut dependence on foreign oil.

The ENERGY STAR Web page offers numerous tools to help you find energy savings around your home or business. See the links below:

Energy Assurance

The division also has responsibility established by the Kentucky Emergency Operations Plan for Emergency Support Function (ESF)12.  ESF 12 outlines procedures for coordinating and communicating energy issues during an emergency. The Commonwealth Energy Assurance Plan describes the existing energy systems in the state and their relation to emergency management in Kentucky.