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Energy and Environment Cabinet

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Division of Renewable Energy
Wind Energy

Kentucky homeowners and small businesses may find it economically advantageous to use wind power if they have a site where the average wind speeds are strong enough.  An ideal site for a wind generator is 20 feet above any surrounding objects within a 250-foot radius, with average wind speeds of at least nine miles per hour. Steady wind is better than gusty conditions because a small difference in wind speed has a major effect on the amount of wind power available.

In general, Kentucky has low wind speeds and, therefore, limited wind energy potential. However, there may be specific sites and applications where wind is a cost-effective option.

Kentucky is working with Tennessee to study the development of wind resources in both states.  

KY-TN Model wind ordinance developed by the Tennessee Valley Eastern Kentucky Wind Working Group.

A guide for small wind for Kentucky and Tennessee

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Wind Maps and Wind Resources

Kentucky Wind Map

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U.S. Consumer's Guide to Small Wind Electric Systems

Evaluating a Possible Site

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